Paintless Dent Repair

Why Paintless Dent Removal Is A Good Choice

Paintless dent removal, also called paintless dent repair, refers to a technique of eliminating small dents in the exterior body of a car without the use of traditional body fillers or paint. The technique is similar to body kits used for repairing automobiles. Paintless car dent removal uses an epoxy resin that bonds with the dent and helps it to be removed. Since there is no body filler used, paintless dent repair can be used for dents in the hood, trunk lid, on the sides, and in the back, as well as on the top of your car.

Paintless car repair works best on dings on cars that are not too badly damaged. If the damage is mainly cosmetic in nature, then paintless dent repair can be tried on these cars. Such repairs are less expensive than in other cases because there is no body filler used and because there are no paint chips to be sanded off. Paintless dent repair works best on small dings that do not affect the ability of the car to run properly. Paintless repairs are less expensive because they do not require painting, and do not have the added costs of repainting or sanding. Paintless car repair works best on dings on cars that are not too severely damaged.

Paintless repair procedures for dents involve applying an epoxy to the affected area, then injecting the resin into the cracks and crevices of the dent so that it is filled up and bonds with the dent. This process gives you the ability to easily remove the dent at a much lower cost than traditional dent removal methods. Paintless dent removal is also a great option for cosmetic dings on older vehicles. Since these procedures are cheaper than traditional repairs, they can save you money in the long run if they are being done to make your vehicle look better.