Paintless Dent Repair

What Paintless Dent Repair Is All About

Paintless Dent Repair refers to a technique of eliminating small dents in a car’s body using only the factory-applied paint. This method is not only used in new cars that are being purchased by people who are not used to driving, but also in older cars that have seen better days. Paintless dent removal can also be used on steel and aluminum panels as well. While most vehicles come with a factory paint job that is supposed to last for years, others begin to show signs of wear and tear before this aspect of their condition can actually be rectified. This, therefore, increases the need for this type of repair.

For this method to work, there are several components that must be present. First of all, there is a panel that has either dented or dinged, and secondly, there is a clean section that can be used to cover and hide the damage. Before working on the damaged area, a primer needs to be applied to the area. The primer is meant to make the paint stick to the damaged area; however, once it has adhered itself to the surface, it will be very difficult for the technician to remove it. The panel that has the dented or dingy part in it must first be lifted up so that a proper surface could be created for painting the panel.

Once the panel is elevated, the damaged area must be lifted, and the technician will then use plastic-tipped punches to carefully punch out the indentation where the dent or ding was. punches of different sizes should be used, depending on the size of the dent or ding. Next, paintless dent repairs will be allowed to dry. The panel will then be allowed to dry overnight, and the following day will need to be sanded lightly to create a smooth surface. Finally, polishing will be done using chemicals, and the panels will be reinstalled.