Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair, or PDR, is a process used to remove minor dents from a vehicle without damaging the paint. This method is effective for a variety of types of damage, including dents in steel or aluminum panels. It is fast, efficient, and can even save the owner money. Whether the car has minor dents or major dings, PDR can repair the damage and restore it to its original appearance.

A paintless dent repair service can repair both minor dings and major damage. A body filling procedure involves using a lot of force and may result in more expensive repair costs. Performing do-it-yourself dent repair can also be dangerous, as pushing too hard may crack the clear coat or even the paint layer. Fortunately, PDR is much faster and more cost-effective than DIY auto body repairs.

There are two primary methods of PDR. The first is to push the indented metal back into shape. The paint job on the car is kept intact. The paint job is then restored. This process is the most economical way to repair dents. In addition to reducing the amount of body filler, PDR can even save money on car insurance. If you’ve suffered a dent, visit CARSTAR Monmouth Collision in Atlantic City to learn more about the process.